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LIMA SS7 Secure

LIMA SS7 Secure is Group 2000's answer to today's SS7 Threats. LIMA SS7 Secure is the worlds first SS7 firewall and monitoring solution with a life commercial deployment. LIMA SS7 Secure provides telecom operators with extensive security functions for the SS7 protocol protecting your subscribers privacy and preventing the exposure of your network elements towards the international SS7 network. LIMA SS7 Secure consists of a number of applications that implements screening functions for SS7 messages, preventing the exploitation of vulnerabilities in the SS7 protocol. LIMA SS7 Secure not only prevents the sending of spam on the costs of other subscribers or the operator but also prevents that SMS and phone calls can be redirected. With LIMA SS7 Secure, the individual subscribers can also no longer be identified and their locations and encryption keys remain private.

Within LIMA SS7 Secure the following services are covered: MAP screening, CAP screening, SCCP Global Title screening and SMS Home Routing screening.

More information

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